Research Areas

Software based on the Python coding language.
Basic solutions to organize spreadsheets or financial reporting.

Advanced solutions with AI machine learning module sci-kit learn and visualization tools matplotlib and seaborn.
Database development using Structured Query Language (SQL).
Build data structures and find a hosting solution for your specialized research project. Hands on knowledge of PostgreSQL and MariaDB development environment creation. Can also assist with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Ionos .
Operating Systems based on Linux and Macintosh.
Debian Linux is the operating system of choice for both server and scientific desktop deployments.
Highly secure and stable solutions can be built for your business and laboratory processes.
Biology specialties include entomology and botany research.
Integrated pest management solutions for your plant based business operations.

Extensive experience leading field research teams in remote environments for biomonitoring.
Consulting services to assist you with advanced production analysis for plant species.