Consulting and Training Services


I am a Senior Scientist that offers consulting and training services.

My specialties include the development of analysis software, macOS and Linux hardware deployment solutions.

I provide affordable workshops for small businesses, research teams and laboratories.My services include the design and implementation of systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and scientific operations.

I also offer website development and use Ionos exclusively as a host. Together we can build a website that is easy for your team to manage. Many affordable options are available to fit your specific business needs.


My website package also includes copyright, photography, icons, logos and other creative items that make your business stand out.  Ionos hosting also includes a high quality email system that matches your domain name.

Field biology services include entomology (insects), botany (plants), agriculture production and ecological survey. I can provide training for your team so that you can begin your own scientific projects.

My services also include assisting with agriculture and landscaping development planning. I have a proven record of researching native plant species and I am familiar with establishing nectar sources for native pollenator insects and apiaries.

My scientific knowledge includes subjects such as tree biology, plant health and insect identification.  


Linux and Apple for Research and Business

Through my scientific background, I have extensive experience using Linux and Apple for both servers and research workstations.   I can assist your team with setting up development or production environments that they will be able to operate on their own. 

Apple mobile device management is greatly simplified with solutions such as Jamf and Mosyle. Once these tools are professionally configured, they can be easily operated by non-technical team members. With Apple devices you can easily deploy hardware to a remote team without having to physically posses them. 

After your initial development phase is completed, I offer reduced hourly rates to train your team for the final phase which is the implementation of your new hardware or software solution.

Mobile devices and custom desktops require additional support, especially tablets handled by customers or harsh field conditions. My professional work as a field biologist involves using sensitive hardware and measuring devices in remote locations.  This work frequently involves spending multiple days crossing rugged terrain on foot in order to perform field biology research.  

In these situations rugged measuring devices are necessary, so the solutions I provide are dependable and personally tested. I bring this hands on knowledge to my consultations and use it to reduce the time and costs for your projects. 

My company can find ways for your sales or service team to avoid unnecessary travel to process physical documents. 

Software Services

Website Development

Do you need a website and do not know where to start? My company assists customers in finding their own self managed solutions that fit their business needs. 

Websites are important for all levels of enterprise and high security email services add a professional touch to your business that customers will notice, allowing you to stand out from your competition. They are also necessary for Apple hardware deployments beyond basic setups in order to create your own AppleIDs.

In addition to the technical aspects of a website project, professional creative elements are included in my quotes.  

Python and Database Software

Throughout the years I have worked with a variety of different applications and I am familiar with implementation of business and scientific logic. Much of my employment history involves working on interdisciplinary teams troubleshooting ERP systems and other complex scientific software suites, serving as a technical advisor and providing end user support. My role on these projects was to act as a liaison between science researchers, engineers and end user levels throughout the life-cycle of scientific and business applications.

I also frequently work with relational database management systems (RDBMS) such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and I am also familiar with best practices for design, development environment creation and system integration support.

With Python and SQL I can create analysis applications and tools to monitor system errors, user access and invoices for example. I offer software training for teams using research hardware setups, development environments,  coding techniques and industry best practices. 

Team Workshops

Frequently I help teams become more efficient by streamlining routine processes such as shared code repositories, change order management systems and hardware device management. I also assist growing development teams with setting up Kanban and Scrum based collaboration processes and knowledge sharing tools.

One of the things common to all of the above mentioned skills is the need for high quality and easily referenced documentation.  Agriculture extension within biology is similar to end user guides in computer science. Both turn peer reviewed research into easy to follow instructions for non-technical users.

I produce high quality technical copyright for your business, and I can create training sessions and workshops. The custom solutions that I build will get your team trained efficiently and reduce production downtime overhead costs.

 In addition I also work with internal company processes to improve upon existing systems with the goal of increasing automation and improving support.  Creative solutions can often be crafted with desktop and mobile office software, I can help your team effectively use their new tools and eliminate expensive third party software. 

Security First Approach

Customer confidentiality is my highest priority and is included in all consultations that I provide. I do not outsource work to third party companies. Regardless of your business size I handle your sensitive data with the same technologies used by international financial and banking customers. 

Working as a scientist in the public service for 20 years is where I mastered building professional projects on limited budgets. Using this experience, I bring this approach to my services and I provide efficient solutions that are easy to operate.

I offer a no commitment initial consultation of 30 minutes for $30 USD. For websites and larger projects I offer free quotes and estimates of total service costs and deployment timeframes. 

Exclusive rates are available for long term projects. Contact me today to schedule a video chat.

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