Website and Database development, Mac and Linux deployments. 

Currently serving customers in the Norfolk, Hampton Roads and Isle of Wight commuting area. Available via video chat for remote customers. 

Experienced scientist specializing in software development and field biology.

Dependable and low cost solutions for small companies, non-profits and laboratories.

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Member of Apple Consultants Network. Deployments of Mac software and hardware using mobile device management.  Jamf 100 Certified.

Basics websites, email, custom designs and copyright.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software development and operations.

SCRUM/Kanban team building.

Data analysis, visualizations, research databases and workstations.

Software migrations to open source and self-managed solutions.

Field biology services include entomology, botany, agriculture production and geographical survey.

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Currently serving customers in the Norfolk, Virginia and Hampton Roads commuting area .  Available for video chats for remote customers with Signal, Facetime, Webex and Slack. 

Senior Scientist with +20 years experience with international business operations and scientific research. 

Do you need a website and do not know where to start? My company assists customers in finding their own self managed solutions that fit their business needs. Quoted prices include technical support and guidance until you are comfortable operating your own site.

Training packages for Python, SQL and Linux are also available for business or education teams. My workshops include practical, real world applications and current industry best practices.  Special rates for all day or week long training courses.

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