Organizing the local Python meetup.

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Excited to be the new co-organizer of the local Python meetup!  For now we will continue to connect virtually via the Discord app.  I plan to submit a grant to the Python Software Foundation for 5 Raspberry Pis to use as a portable new user lab once we meet in person in the future. The first learning experience for new users should be fun and help them replicate the development environment on their own equipment after the class.  The RPi has the advantage of a simple hardware interface, super fun to control blinky lights and to push a button and make stuff happen on the screen.    We also have some old Linux laptops that work great for new users. 

For the next few monthly presentations I would like to focus on practical applications, meaning you can solve a common but tedious problem quickly with Python. Later we might explore more advanced topics like machine learning and advanced graphics displays.

The current schedule is a presentation on the second Thursdays of each month, and an informal meetup every Monday at 8 PM EST. Check us out on