Line Drawing History

Scientific Illustrations for Entomology Now that I am back in Blacksburg, I have been volunteering with the Virginia Tech Entomology Collection (bug museum).   After chatting with a colleague, I found the scientific illustrations.  The majority of the drawings in the collection were created in the 1980’s by Katherine Born. There are hundreds of original… Continue reading Line Drawing History

Python Venv

This lab requires a Linux or Mac desktop with full administrator rights. You will be able to measure your success with simple terminal commands to verify if the correct version is installed. Open a text editor and paste code from the examples below. Simply change the environment name to match whatever you are experimenting with… Continue reading Python Venv

IOWLUUG is launching

We are currently working on the sub-page for our weekly Linux user group meet up.   I just started adding some placeholder content, for now I am doing this manually.  In the future, I will post to this page with Python scripts that originate outside of the wordpress admin application.  The link will be just below… Continue reading IOWLUUG is launching

Build admin scripts with Python

I am currently working on ways to update relational databases with Python scripts. Step by step instructions and code blocks. $jupyter notebook –port 1234